Planning for the public good
Building capacity for public planning
Creating a new generation of planners


Public Practice is placing a new generation of planners within local government to shape places for the public good. It will build the public sector’s capacity to deliver homes and growth, make better places, and share skills and knowledge across authorities.

Public Practice acts as a broker, selecting outstanding Associates and matching them to Authorities in need of additional planning and placemaking expertise. As a not-for-profit social enterprise, it offers Authorities a cost-effective model to build the public sector’s capacity over the longer-term. As a placement programme, it gives Associates unique place-based roles to deliver change on the ground, alongside industry-leading training and development. And as a network of leading planning practitioners, it seeks to build a body of collective knowledge and research to be shared across the sector.


Public Practice offers access to a new pool of talent at a significantly lower cost than recruitment agencies, as well as opportunities for learning, networking, and sharing collective knowledge. Authorities interested in hosting a placement are supported by Public Practice to define the role and select an Associate from shortlisted candidates. Authorities employ Associates on one year fixed-term contracts, or secondments from their existing employers, for salaries of between £30,000 – £50,000. Authorities may be local or city government, combined authorities, development corporations, or publicly-led delivery vehicles.

Public Practice offers a unique and prestigious public sector placement, and the opportunity to be part of a multidisciplinary cohort producing collective research, developing new digital technologies, and receiving high quality training. Associates will be selected through an annual recruitment round. Successful Associates will work in place-based roles within Authorities for 90% of their time, and spend the remaining 10% carrying out collective research and development as a cohort, supported by Public Practice. Associates may be planners, architects, urban designers, landscape architects, regeneration or historic environment experts – or practitioners with backgrounds in other fields, from data science to social sciences. They will typically expected to have a minimum of three years’ experience in practice.

Public Practice offers a platform to invest strategically in improving the speed, certainty and quality of public planning. Supporters’ sponsorship and grant funding will cover the running costs of Public Practice at a programme level, preventing any conflicts of interest. In return, Supporters will be given the opportunity to collaborate on collective research, participate in events, and receive public acknowledgement of their support. Supporters may be government bodies, grant makers, developers or built environment consultants who recognise that good expertise in Local Authorities is essential to bring about good development.


Finn Williams CEO & Co-founder
Pooja Agrawal Co-founder
Nikki Linsell Director of Operations
Frederik Weissenborn Research & Communications Manager
Josh Falconer-Roberts Programme Manager
Jules Pipe Deputy Mayor of London for Planning, Regeneration & Skills (Chair)
Danna Walker Founding Director, Built by Us
Lucy Musgrave Founding Director, Publica
Sarah Cary Head of Sustainable Places, British Land
Vincent Lacovara Placemaking Team Leader, Croydon Council
Lord Kerslake Chair, Peabody

Mayor of London
Local Government Association
Future Cities Catapult
British Land
Berkeley Group



Public Practice will be inviting expressions of interest from Authorities considering hosting placements in Autumn 2018. Please contact us before then if you are interested in finding out more.

Public Practice will be open for applications to our second cohort of Associates in Autumn 2018. In the meantime, please sign up for our newsletter.

Public Practice welcomes the support of organisations that recognise the importance of good public planning and share our understanding of the value of investing in it.